Senior Fullstack Developer at AdGoClick - NextChance Assets S.L.

AdGoClick, developed under the umbrella of NextChance Assets S.L., is an automated digital marketing platform. We provide value to our customers, increasing their online presence by creating online campaigns on the spot - fully automated. Our offices are located at Torre Espacio at the 43rd floor next to Begoña metro station.

Our flat-hierarchy team workflow is based on XP Principles, DevOps culture and explicitly follows Pair Programming, CI/CD, TDD, TDB and Infrastructure as Code. OOP, DDD and Functional Programming are a few of the practices that guide us. We have a product-driven mindset, work with feedback-based iteration and have a strong focus on testing. More importantly, we encourage collective code ownership and nurture a safe, blameless environment.

Diversity, learning and team empowerment are a few things describing our culture for which we work towards daily. In regards to learning, we hold regular open spaces and reading sessions as well as weekly English lessons. Retrospectives are taking place regularly and on demand whenever needed. When it comes to diversity, our team consists of people from three nationalities but we are still working on making ourselves more gender diverse, currently having three women in the team, and hoping to grow that number.

As a developer, you would be joining a team of eight developers and two designers. Our go-to language is English but we still hold a Spanish daily every Friday. We have flexible working hours and work remotely as needed. Most members do twice a week but usually much more when going on vacations or travelling.

With regard to our tech stack, the main platform is written in Kotlin with Spring Boot, deployed with Docker containers on AWS using Terraform. We use PostgreSQL for storing and ElasticSearch, Prometheus and Grafana for handling our logs and metrics. Besides that, we are also maintaining our previous project written in Python and JavaScript with NodeJS and React. Due to the nature of our project we are also working with the Google AdWords API. However, our team values good software development fundamentals over languages and frameworks.

Our salary range is between 37.000€ and 42.000€ depending on your background and experience. Our learning budget stands at 1.000€ per year and you can use it as you wish with an unrestricted limit on the number of days for attending conferences. Free weekly gym classes are held every Thursday. Fruits, snacks and beverages are provided freely at the office and you can use up to 22 days of holidays per year. We provide you a laptop that you can take home on your remote days as well and Fridays we finish at 2pm.

Should this be something you wish to explore, feel free to reach out to us. Please do so, even if you don’t feel familiar with all the things we are working with.

If you are interested in this job. Send us an email to